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Implement Smart Queue and

Give your customers a better experience,
the moment they walk into your premises!

Quick and easy to implement!


Implement in 45 Minutes

Nothing to install; no set-up required;
ready-to-use solution.


100% Portable - 100% Remote

All you need is a smart phone or a tablet
with 2G Internet / Wi-Fi.


Rock-solid infrastructure

We use the industry-leading,
rock-solid Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure.

Remove the tedium of waiting in long queues...

Business intelligence,
Better decision-making

We will help you answer the following questions:
How many customers have I served till now?
What is my daily customer average?
How much time does it takes to serve a single customer?
How many customers are waiting in the lounge right now?
How many cancellations take place each day?

Direct Marketing Tool
for your Business

Be direct in marketing to your customers.
Send special offers and discounts to your customers.
Keep them posted on your current promotions.
Get the word out, for new services / products.
A most efficient and affordable way to engage your customers.
No need to set-up any social media profiles, websites, ask for likes... nothing!

Take appointments
and set reminders

Restaurants and clinics can now book tables or take appointments.
Service Centers can schedule the next service reminder.
Appointments will automatically show up in the current queue, on time.
Add customers from reminders list to current queue, in just one click.
Preset reminders for one click set-up.

Very simple to use;
yet packs powerful features

Get it up-and-running in just 45 minutes.
We will train your operators.
Highly customizable to suit your precise needs.
Manage multiple queues; with multiple operators.
Easily control who can access what.

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